The Future of Safe and Seamless Site Management is Here - Introducing SightPAS

SightPAS Ecosystem

SightPAS LLC, a security technology firm, announces the release of SightPAS™, an innovative and patent-pending technology designed to efficiently manage contractors, employees, and visitors on-site, with security and safety at the forefront.

John Luongo, President, and CEO of SightPAS LLC, stated, “We were looking to introduce the concept of E-ZPass into the security world as an overall solution for more efficient access control, while also solving the habitual problem of knowing who is on-site at all times, along with delivering operational efficiencies and unique business intelligence. SightPAS has evolved into a sophisticated technology platform that will add tremendous value across many facets of our customer’s business.”

The SightPAS Platform includes cutting edge technology, leveraging the integration of devices and software, powered by data and intelligence. SightPAS delivers an integrated, comprehensive web, mobile, and cloud-based solution to support business operations while incorporating extensive safety and security features.

SightPAS Ecosystem:

  • Beacon technology for seamless and automated entry and exit.
  • Proprietary infrared sensors coupled with camera and cloud technology provides real-time insight into security, safety, and management of all site activities.
  • Cloud Intelligence provides the foundation for connectivity of devices through an intuitive web application.
  • Native mobile apps available on Apple and Android devices are the direct link for communication between your business and persons on your site.

SightPAS drives operational efficiencies, business insights, and most importantly, the safety and security of your business and everyone on-site by offering a robust set of features, including:

  • Real-time Image Capture
  • Comprehensive Profile and Verification
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Multi-Site Monitoring and Management
  • SOS Safety Feature
  • Meaningful Messaging and Notifications to the Mobile App
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • And much more

SightPAS will be showcasing this revolutionary technology at ISC East next week in New York City.

About SightPAS

SightPAS LLC, a security technology firm, is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. SightPAS™ and related trademarks, service marks, designs, and logos are the property of SightPAS LLC. For more information, visit

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