The Future of Roller Skating is Here

Roller Planet

ROLLER PLANET,, the new multi-platform, digital streaming service targeted specifically to roller skating consumers, launched this month to the global roller skating community. The U.S. accounts for nearly 12 million roller skating participants, and Roller Planet's initial offering provides them exclusive access to original produced content. 

As the media rights holder, Roller Planet will live stream national and regional roller sports, and distribute hundreds of hours of the culture, people, places, and industry. "Roller skating has seen a resurgence both in rinks and outside in the bowls, parks, and beach boardwalks. It's a dynamic part of pop culture and we'll provide the sights and sounds consumers covet," says Robert James, Roller Planet President and CEO. 

Two membership price options exist for consumers' convenience: $3.99 per month or $2.99 per month (25% discount) when committing to a 12-month recurring purchase. "For a niche service, we want to be cost-conscious and offer a simple, affordable rate," James adds.

Roller Planet has cast a broad production net throughout the nation. "We've traveled to the best parties and events, uncovering some amazing roller skating stories in the process," says Steve Earley, Roller Planet VP of Content.

Content on the platform is divided into six distinct categories. Groove showcases the moves and routines of skating's elite. Parties takes viewers to Roller Skating Jams from Atlanta, Cleveland, and West Coast to East Coast. Instruction allows the nation's top roller instructors to share their expert tips, techniques, and advice. Profiles gives the audience an inside look at skaters, dancers, and industry. Sports covers Inline Hockey, Speed Skating, Ball Hockey, Artistic Skating, and Roller Derby. Stories showcases skate manufacturer Riedell Skates and delves into original series with international choreographer Morgan Weske and other social media influencers. 

The 2022 Live Event Streaming Schedule includes the following national events: 

  • ARHA Tom Osborne Ball Hockey Invitational, Feb. 18-21
  • Torhs Inline Hockey Regional Tournament, May 13-15
  • American Rink Hockey Championships, May 27-30
  • American Inline Hockey Championships, June 3-12
  • American Speed Skating Championships, June 15-19
  • American Artistic Roller Skating Championships, July 23-31
  • Northshore Inline Marathon, Duluth, Minnesota, Sept. 16-18 

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Source: Roller Planet