The Future of Flat Rate Pricing: Business Seminar in Atlanta on June 23rd

Seminar aims to help HVAC, plumbing and electrical service company owners understand the history and know the future of flat rate pricing

 The New Flat Rate, the first ever menu pricing system created for residential home service companies, is hosting a seminar at the Hilton Garden Inn, Millenium Center, Atlanta Airport, on Friday, June 23rd, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., aimed at giving HVAC, plumbing and electrical service company owners a clear understanding of where flat rate pricing came from, where it’s headed now, and how to make their business two to three times more profitable in today’s world.

“As a contractor, I relied heavily on two things, flat rate pricing and my techs' ability to sell in the home. If upsells and upgrades weren’t happening, payroll might not either. Can you imagine being a technician and the weight of the business being on your ability to snap out of ‘fix it mode’ and into ‘you better sell more or we’re going under mode’? Or, are you a contractor trying to figure out why your business plan isn’t working? For years, I invested non-existent money into my technicians in hopes that they would save my company and learn how to be great salesmen. Plumbers, HVAC and electrical technicians and business owners are the backbone of a healthy homeowner and a career path that deserves to be celebrated with profit,” said Rodney Koop, founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate and keynote speaker at the event.

“Many contractors have the technical know-how to do great work for homeowners, but not all of them have the business experience needed to get out of debt and make a profit. That’s why we’re hosting this seminar. We want to help simplify the sales process for home service companies so that they can provide exactly what the homeowner needs without the pressures usually associated with selling.”

The Future of Flat Rate Pricing seminar is designed to teach home service companies how the history of flat rate pricing came about, where it is now and where it will be in the future. In addition to all of that, this seminar will also teach you how to get out of debt, uncover hidden business obstacles and take an in-depth look at how The New Flat Rate pricing system works.

“When you quote a customer one flat rate price, you are limiting them to one option, and they have no choices,” said Koop. “This results in low customer retention and a lot of sales objections. The New Flat Rate pricing system gives the customer the satisfaction to choose from a menu of options, removes selling pressure from the technicians, and doubles and even triples the service company’s profits. It lets the technician do what they were hired to do and gives the customer exactly what meets their needs while meeting their budget. It successfully retains your customers, while removing the sales objections surrounding pricing. The customer, the technician and the business owner are satisfied all the way around.”

Both Rodney Koop, Founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate, and Matt Koop, Vice President of Training and Implementation for The New Flat Rate, will be speaking at the event, which will also feature a very impactful message from Dr. Kerry Webb, a business coach for Service Excellence Training and full-time MBA professor.

“If you’re ready to prepare yourself for the future,” said Koop, “or if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be debt-free and see profits that you thought you could never see, then join us on Friday, June 23rd; it will change the game for your business.”

The Hilton Garden Inn, Atlanta Airport, is located at 2301 Sullivan Road, Atlanta, GA 30337.

To sign up for the seminar, visit or email for more information.

About The New Flat Rate

The New Flat Rate, Inc. is the first ever menu pricing system for residential service plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors.  This system has doubled and tripled the average service ticket for contractors across the United States and Canada, by customizing a menu of five options for each specific trade. The system literally removes the pressure of selling and upselling for technicians and enables the consumer to choose what is best for them. 

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Source: The New Flat Rate

About The New Flat Rate

The New Flat Rate is the first ever menu pricing system for HVAC, plumbing and electrical residential service companies. Currently the system is being used across all 50 states and in 4 provinces of Canada.

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