The Fresh Water Angler Offers Access to Deals on Outdoor and Adventure Products

The Fresh Water Angler connects users with high quality survival and expedition gear

A new site, The Fresh Water Angler, aims to offer users access to high quality outdoor, camping, survival and adventure gear at low prices.

So far, the site has featured numerous different products and services for outdoor enthusiasts. One of those, GearUp2Go, sells parts and accessories for ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles and watercrafts. It offers OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories for all major brands, from Suzuki and Polaris to Arctic Cat and John Deere.

"We want to create a place where adventure junkies can find all the things they need for their next expedition. We're working on collecting information about the latest and greatest products, great tools to help them enjoy the outdoors and services that offer great deals."

Gary Asmus, Owner

“A UTV, ATV, snowmobile or watercraft gives people the freedom to ride the open trails, tour the powdery mountains or spend all day out on the water,” Asmus said. “Owners also want all the gear, parts and accessories that you need to get the most out of their rides.”

Camping products are also featured on the site. A recent post covers the GoSun, a fuel-free, solar-powered cooker. The GoSun, which works in both cloudy and sunny weather, is able to cook meals in 20 minutes. It allows users to bake, cook or broil, and distributes heat evenly, removing the need to turn or reposition food while cooking.

“Cooking outdoors can be frustrating sometimes,” Asmus said. “You always need to find fuel, or you have to carry around a bulky, heavy camping stove. The GoSun is nice and compact, which makes it easy to bring along on camping expeditions or even short hikes.”

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