The Fourth Annual City Summit and Gala by Founder Ryan Long Honors Colin Farrell and Bella Thorne While Raising Awareness for Charitable Organizations

The Annual Event Advances Community Through Humanitarian Activities Including a Speaker Summit, Live Auction and Gala

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The City Summit & Gala founded by Ryan Long took place on the weekend of the Academy Awards at Marriott Burbank Convention Center during Feb. 21-24, 2019 to raise awareness for the following beneficiary charities: Global Unity Foundation, Tucker Teens & Tots, Rock Against Trafficking, Journey's Dream, Selah Freedom and United Intentions.

The City Summit, held on Feb. 21 through Feb. 23 was a world-class, socially conscious business acceleration experience. Each day of the City Summit included interview opportunities, followed by speaking sessions, and investor pitch opportunities powered by VC Fast Pitch. The event's moderators were motivational speakers, Lynn Rose and Dr. Greg Reid. The speakers included Colin Farrell, Globally Renowned Actor, Investor and Philanthropist and this year’s Inspiration Honoree; Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Radio & TV Host and this year’s Legacy Honoree; Mario Lopez, Host of Extra TV;  Randy Jackson, Music Producer and “American Idol” Judge; Kevin Harrington, Investor and Philanthropist, ABC’s “Shark Tank”; Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder of; Frank Shankwitz, Founder of Make-A-Wish; Alec Stern, Founder of Constant Contact; Brian Smith, Founder of Ugg Boots; and more! See the full list of speakers here:

“This year’s Summit and Gala brought together a diverse array of experts, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and celebrities all with the goal of promoting community and entrepreneurship. It was our best turnout yet and we are already working on 2020,” said Ryan Long, Founder of City Summit and Gala.

The City Gala was held on the evening of the Academy Awards, Feb. 24, and kicked off with a 50-foot star-studded red carpet at Marriott Burbank featuring celebrities Wesley Snipes, Bella Thorne, Actress, and this year’s City Gala’s Luminary Honoree; and Forest T. Harper Jr., President & CEO of INROADS and this year’s Hero Honoree. The event included a live entertainment with a performance by musician Tony Lucca; a fireside chat with Presidential Candidate, Marianne Williamson; dinner, and silent auction hosted by Charity Stars.

“Each year it gives me great joy to be an integral part of bringing the City Summit and Gala to fruition. The talent and business experts we attract each year excites me because I know we are raising awareness for our community and empowering the next generation,” said Dale Godboldo, Founder of International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation, City Gala’s fiscal receiver.

The City Summit and Gala was powered by Ticketmaster and sponsored by 123 Employee, Noitavonne Brands, EYE Consulting, OneOne77 Creative, Brigade LA, Aggressively Organic, NBC University, Rapid Mind Solutions, Effective Freedom, Tribe Unity, Glasgow and Associates, and Dr. Freddy Behin.

About City Summit
The City Summit is a world-class, socially conscious business acceleration experience. The event was founded by social entrepreneur, Ryan Long, to educate, network, and inspire entrepreneurs.

About City Gala:
The City Gala's vision to advance community through humanitarian activities and events. The founder of the Gala, Ryan Long, volunteers for the beneficiaries of the Gala for a full year prior to the event. Long’s goal is to train, develop, and assist each beneficiary of the Gala that are aligned with solving the world’s global grand challenges.

City Summit and Gala

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