The Foundation for Improvement of Justice Seeks to Highlight and Reward Innovators in Justice

The Foundation for Improvement of Justice is accepting nominations for the annual Paul H. Chapman Awards

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The Foundation for Improvement of Justice is looking to recognize innovative individuals or organizations who have successfully impacted or changed the civil or criminal justice system in the United States. Every year, up to 10 nominees from across the U.S. are honored for their accomplishments. The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2022.

Organizations or individuals who are effecting change in legal reform, crime prevention, child protection, speeding the process, crime victims' rights, alternative sentencing, lowering the cost, improvements to the civil litigation process or other significant efforts may be nominated for the annual Paul H. Chapman Awards. The recipients receive a medal and a $10,000 check at the awards banquet to be held Oct. 1, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Betsy Primm, a former nominator of four recipients of the Paul H. Chapman Award, urges others to submit nominations. "The remarkable thing about the award is that the names and all personally identifiable information (e.g., city, state, gender, race) about the nominators and nominees are withheld from the Selection Committee. My winning nominees included a school clerical worker, a police officer, a corporate whistleblower, and a lawyer. It is the nominees' actions, not their names, credentials, status or connections, that matter. That is truly impartial justice."

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About The Foundation for Improvement of Justice:

The Foundation was established in 1984 by Paul Chapman using an endowment from his mother, Zena Chapman. The Foundation does not seek financial funding. Endowment earnings fund the awards program. The sole purpose of the organization is to contribute to the improvement of justice by rewarding nominees who have made a unique difference. A volunteer Board of Directors governs the Foundation. For additional information about the Foundation, please contact Shawn O'Connor ( or visit  

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