The Flamingos - Decentralands First Mega Casino

An offering in Vegas City in partnership with Decentral Games.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Decentral Games to create the first Mega Casino in Vegas City, a large district focused on gaming and leisure in the virtual world of Decentraland. 

Decentraland is a platform where individuals and businesses can create 3D content and applications which can be monetized and viewed by exploring the virtual world.

For this project, Vegas City is allocating 88 premium LAND parcels from its district within Decentraland and Decentral Games will provide the Slot Machines and soon Roulette.

James Ashton CEO of Vegas City said, "We are pleased to have partnered with Decentral Games and excited to build out such an epic venue and bring a new NFT concept to market."

Decentral Games themed Slots will initially use MANA and in the future also ETH and other currencies supported in the Decentraland SDK.

Fifty eight of the eighty eight LAND parcels will feature enthralling revenue generating content created by Decentral Games and the remaining 30 parcels will add value to the Casino through creating a dazzling venue and interactive experiences to draw in visitors.

Baus, Project Lead of Decentral Games said, "I'm excited to showcase our limited edition Flamingos themed slots, as well as pave the way for many more community-centric ventures hosted by Decentral Games and Vegas City."

The Flamingos Casino will strive to encapsulate all that is possible in gaming within Decentraland, located in an exceptional venue filled with rich and compelling experiences for the ultimate user enjoyment. 

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Vegas City is the metaverse premier entertainment destination and the largest commercial zone is Decentraland.

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