The First Responder Awareness Course is now Available at $75.00

The First Responder Awareness course is now available at $75.00, for money must never be an obstacle, when it comes to prioritizing safety and health in our daily lives.

If your job involves the handling of hazardous substances and materials, then the First Responder Awareness course is for you. This course primarily focuses on hazard recognition at the workplace. On completion, students would not only be able to identify the various hazards, but also suggest some possible preventive precautions and measures to eliminate or diminish work site hazards.

The First responder awareness training course, focuses on the following points:

* Introduction to the OCH Act;
* About OSHA and NIOSH;
* Hazardous Waste Operations and emergency responses;
* OSHA Standards;
* The Legislation of Hazardous Waste (EPA);
* HCS or Hazard Communication Standard and
* Definition of Hazard.

This course is a step apart from the rest, for it also helps employees and workers in the vital process of hazard identification. Not many are aware of the fact that this procedure can only be completed efficiently when employees and workers are aware of the following:

* Definitions of Hazards identification;
* Analysis of hazard and safety;
* Identifying hazards;
* Site/equipment hazards;
* Biological hazards and
* Environmental hazards.

Another factor that the First responder awareness level training course, deals with is Site Characterization and Site Control. Here too, there are a wide array of points that are dealt with, such as, On site review, Off site characterization, Current monitoring and hazard evaluation, Documentation, Site control, Site protection and much more.

The First responder awareness level training course also tends to stand apart, for every module is filled with a series of quizzes, where students are required to score 70% in order to proceed forward in the course. The final exam also requires students to score minimum 70% in order to receive the certificate of completion. But there is a sense of flexibility, for the final exam may be taken 3 times if necessary.

So you can emphasize your priority towards safety today! By enrolling in the First responder awareness level training course.

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