The First CloudCamp In Denmark Was Held As An Unconference With Open Unpanels

In an informal format, the participants of the CloudCamp discussed cloud deployment, cloud security, and business use of the cloud for both enterprises and start-ups.

Aarhus, Denmark-On October 11, 2011, the first CloudCamp in Denmark took place in Aarhus and featured a new approach to IT meetings. The event was held in the form of an informal conference-the so-called "unconference"-and united adopters of cloud technologies willing to share their experience. The unconference was organized by Altoros Systems, the expert in flexible IT staffing, software product development, and cloud computing, and was held within the GOTO Aarhus conference.

The CloudCamp introduced an absolutely new for Denmark approach to discussing sophisticated development technologies in an interactive manner. There was no pre-negotiated agenda and therefore every attendee could propose a topic for a panel or attend a session declared by anyone else.

Brief Review

The event was opened by four Lightning Talks that were dedicated to cloud deployment, cloud security, and business use of cloud technologies for all types of organizations:

• "Continuous Deployment to the Cloud"
By Michael Friis, Co-founder of AppHarbor, the .NET Platform-as-a-Service

• "Cloud Computing: the Golden Age of Cryptography"
By Janus Dam Nielsen-a Research and Innovation Scientist at the Center for IT Security at the Alexandra Institute-who explained modern advances in cryptography as an enabler to overcome cloud security concerns

• "Cloud Services in Practice"
By Christian Rosenkilde Rode, Cloud Consultant at ProActive AS, who gave practical examples of the cloud use in different kinds of small and large organizations

• "Cloud or Regular Hosting? Better Choice for a Start-up"
By Andrei Yurkevich, President and Chief Technology Officer at Altoros Systems, who compared cloud vs. regular hosting for a start-up

"It is often believed that cloud fits mostly large enterprises, when large amounts of data are involved. But, in fact, cloud solutions can bring a lot of opportunities for cost savings and business development to small companies and start-ups, as well," said Andrei Yurkevich during his presentation.

As the best things in life happen unscheduled, the participants of the CloudCamp were not limited to only discussing the presentations made, but were also encouraged to start lively discussions about cloud computing in the "unpanel" format. Experts from the audience formed a round table and were speaking on the topics proposed and chosen by the attendees. Thanks to the open format of the event, everyone could ask questions, ask for advice, or speak out his/her thoughts.

In the final part of the CloudCamp, the Group Talks, all the participants split into three groups to summarize the main topics of the unconference. Later, the discussions continued in a more informal atmosphere in the "local secret place."

Judging by the passionate debates and active participation in all sessions, the first CloudCamp in Denmark was a success. A lot of attendees were amazed by the open informal format of the unconference and admitted that they are looking forward to participating in the next CloudCamps.



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