The Final Round, Filmed By Arash Hashemi

A portrait of the humbled side of all fighters told in their own words, Mr. Hashemi examines his own, and others, in and out of the ring with a candor, eloquence and vulnerability that is by turns poignant, funny and never less than brutally honest.

Town Square- With nothing more than a "Maybe", Arash Hashemi is able to, in his words, "accomplish the impossible." With nothing more than just stories filled with brutal honesty, a couple of HD cameras and footage of prizefighters both in and out of the ring difficulties, The Final Round will win over the critics.

Why has a film that is essentially a 90 minute long and interviews with a retired prizefighters/ directed by a new comer garnered such praise? Because drama in boxing is entertaining, or in the words most critics who didn't give the film high marks, " It looks absolutely amazing"

Director Arash Hashemi, whom previously never directed a movie, got a house at an oceanfront sat the protagonist down and let the cameras roll. As a result, we'll get to see our most famous fighters take us back to there troubled childhood, boxing career, marriage, women and the love for the game that took them off the streets and into the gym - Hashemi a new kid on the competitive Hollywood block brings the " tough on the Planet" to tears.

The film uses overlapping echoing audio from the interviews to create a collage on the screen. While initially this may difficult to get used to, this style accurately displays the multiple figures we encounter during the film.

That is what makes the film so entertaining, Stated Hashemi, " honesty that will hit you like the right hand on the chin", he continued, we'll take the gloves off, I'll assure you the audience will feel the weight of all the blow, audience members' jaws will drop with stunned disbelief throughout this film, the same way crowds act in Las Vegas when they watch a live action in the ring.

Hashemi calls the film, "theater of the unexpected" He adds, most fighters came from nothing and rose to unimaginable heights and then get brought back down because of the same flaws.

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