The Fertility App Now Offers a Customized Fertility App for Fertility Clinics & Fertility Specialists

The Fertility App is a consumer application for patients undergoing IVF and other fertility treatments. The Fertility App now offers full customization for fertility clinics to integrate with and provide even greater patient care.

The Fertility App has a new solution aimed at Fertility Clinics and Fertility specialists who want to attract new patients, and to help improve current patient care. The App was launched earlier in 2022 to help patients who are undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments with budgeting, planning, scheduling, and finding clinics. The app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. Due to the success of the fertility app, which has hundreds of patients using it and a ranking in the top 3 for 'Fertility Clinics,' the need for personalized fertility apps is clear. By collaborating with Fertility Clinics and fertility doctors, the new features on the app can elevate patient care and help to attract new patients to clinics. The new features, which can be customized to the clinic's wishes, include: 

  • Finding new patients 
  • Taking payment directly from the app
  • Synching patients' calendars to ensure no missed appointments
  • Clear instructions delivered right into the mobile app 
  • Customized educational content 
  • Easier communication between patients and medical care providers
  • Reporting at every step of the patient's journey 
  • Other customizable features as required by clinics

The Fertility App is fully customizable and helps fertility centres provide an exceptional patient experience. Offering patients a user-friendly app that helps to keep everything they need in one place while improving the clinic's communication and connection with their patients. By using our white-label app solution, fertility clinics can stand out from the crowd by generating leads from the mobile app stores. 

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