The Faces of London - Debut Photographic Exhibition by Egor Piskov

Galleria Farini Concept, Bologna

The Faces of London by Egor Piskov

“The Faces of London” by Egor Piskov to be displayed in Bologna for the first time.

Galleria Farini Concept, located in via Carlo Luigi Farini 26/d, is to host its first ever artistic debut by a British photographer Egor Piskov. A series of ten unique works will be unveiled on the 3rd of February, on the occasion of the White Night of Arte Fiera Bologna and will be on display until the 14th, giving the residents of Bologna a glimpse at The Faces of London.

"We are truly excited to share this emerging artist's vision of his beloved home and its people, the photographs are very personal and enigmatic", Gallery Curator Roberto Dudine commented.

One of the works, titled "William" - featuring renowned artist William Brui - will also be on display from the 3rd of February until the 15th in the main Galleria Farini Concept (located at Palazzo Fantuzzi - Via San Vitale 23/a) on the most important event of the year for the gallery: the 21st edition of "Arte a Palazzo - in mostra con i Grandi Maestri" where the professor Vittorio Sgarbi will be the guest of honour.

About the photographer:

Egor Piskov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1992. London has been his home since 2002 and in 2013, he graduated from Central Film School, in Shoreditch.

Egor has made a living taking photos at exclusive events, working with prestigious brands and had his work printed in a number of publications. Although portraiture was always a passionate interest, in 2016 he began focusing on creating commissioned portraits for private clients.

In 2017, his photos were selected for the front and back covers of Princess Olga Romanoff autobiography.

This will be his debut exhibition, a culmination of over a year's work dedicated to the project: capturing the London that Egor wanted to share. The London that welcomes cultural diversity and positive change. When explaining the concept, Egor says “London is not just a wonderfully multicultural city, it is also a living icon that has attracted and mystified people from all around the globe. I am deeply honoured to share my photographs with Europe’s heart of culture and art: Bologna”

The faces in this collection are both old friends and new. They are special people who have agreed to represent Egor's beloved city.

Each of the portraits is unique in both style and execution. Prior to the shoots, Egor interviewed his subjects and planned the shoots based in part on their answers.

Everything from lighting technique, to poses, to the final shot selection, is intended to exhibit both the subjects identity and their individual relationship with London.

These aspects are often not literal, but subconscious and symbolic. As such they may not be visually represented within the frame, but were instrumental in providing the correct inner atmosphere for the subjects.

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