The F Words, now available

Florence Fairbottom is The F Words. Which Letter are You? Florence Fairbottom's concept autobiography, The F Words, is now available, accompanied by the IamTheFWords blog.

Florence Fairbottom is The F Words. Which Letter are You?
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"I was fantasizing (while jogging) about the future headlines in a women's magazine style article describing how I had managed to turn myself from a Fat, Flirting-with-Forty, Frumpy Failure into a Fit, Fun, Fabulous Female," explains Florence Fairbottom in her autobiography to describe the moment she first realized she might be The F Words.
Upon further examination, Florence realized that there were many more words beginning with F that sum her up. So many in fact that she wrote a concept autobiography to describe herself as she is today, and also the woman she would like to become.
Florence, in her desire to achieve a more Fulfilled life, uses her autobiography to examine herself and her attributes and clarify exactly what it is that she seeks. She hopes that others may recognize many similar traits and issues and begin their journeys to becoming more Fulfilled too.
"The main F Word for me is Fat. Being Fat has consumed me for over 20 years. (Actually, it was me doing the consuming.) I'm Fed up, with a capital F, of being Fat, and of many other things in my life. I always put off my new diet for tomorrow, or next week, etc. But it seems like that tomorrow is never coming," explains Fairbottom. "I am the one in control of my life, or at least I should be. For me, tomorrow has finally come."
While The F Words is available as an electronic book, Fairbottom also maintains a blog, journaling her life, and providing feedback from others who share the same desires to move forward in their lives.
"I guess I'd prefer to have been a Sexy, Sultry Siren, but I'm simply not destined to be The S Words!" explains Florence. "I want to improve myself and my life, and become a happier, Fulfilled person. I hope that other people can identify with the dilemmas I face and find inspiration in my autobiography and blog that details the windy path in my transformation into the person I would like to be."

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