The Enterprise Sales Institute Unveils New Analytics Technology & RevOps Services to Scale SMBs in a Recession

The Enterprise Sales Institute is presenting new technology and services to find new ways to manage elevated growth costs for companies around the globe. Specialized in revenue operations (RevOps), the team of Fortune 500 consultants and startup veterans are launching a new suite of technology products and managed services to help scale the SMB market in a recession:

  • Traffic Intel: Identify anonymous web visitors with verified emails.
  • Data Desk: Easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) tool with monthly, expert insights
  • Data Analytics Services: Services to overcome growing limits on tracking and analytics.

Traffic Intel: Unlocking Anonymous User Data

With the Traffic Intel API offered by the Enterprise Sales Institute, users are now able to unlock the verified emails of anonymous website visitors in the United States. Seeing who is on a website and when is what unlocks direct communication with key prospects.

With the ability to gather 10-20% of a website's traffic and turn it into verified emails without the requirement of an email form, D2C customers are seeing an average rate of return of 6x, while B2B customers are achieving more than 100x ROI. Traffic Intel is 100% compliant with privacy laws in the U.S.

Data Desk: Unifying Sales, Marketing, & Product Data

Data Desk by the Enterprise Sales Institute brings together a world-class business intelligence tool with Fortune 500 sales and marketing expertise. The platform has over 100+ native integrations for ease of implementation without a developer. However, users can customize every angle of the interactive, user-intuitive dashboards and metrics with:

  • Multi-system metric calculations
  • Industry goal and benchmarking comparisons
  • Real-time dashboards and reports

The power of Data Desk is in its simplicity yet the ability to create complex calculations without developer support. Customers can manage and integrate everything themselves or get assistance from the ESI. Furthermore, the Fortune 500 and VC-startup veteran team at ESI provides monthly reviews and insights into the data across sales, marketing, and product growth.

Data Analytics Services: Overcoming Growing Analytics Blockers

The Enterprise Sales Institute has built custom technologies and created a team of data experts that ethically and legally overcome privacy constraints. This team has been able to help SMBs migrate to GA4, server-side tracking, and develop custom middleware for piecing together multitudes of data sources to create full pictures of the prospect and user journeys. 

This team of sales-first, technology-second experts has been a leader in the growing revenue operations space and is continuing to do so through the constant innovation, product development, and hands-on expertise provided to companies across the globe.

About the Enterprise Sales Institute

The Enterprise Sales Institute is the market leader in revenue operations, bringing technology and experience to SMBs across the globe. With experience across startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, the team has experts in RevOps for technology, financial services, professional services, and more. 

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