The Effect of Spine MT Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression Treatment Device Was Clinically Proven for the First Time in the World by Seoul National University in Korea

Nonsurgical spinal decompression treatment device - Spine MT - was verified of its effectiveness for disc treatment and was proposed as a conservative treatment method for patients with spinal disc disease.

Image of Spine MT

Professor Pyong-bok Lee's team at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea's best university hospital, published the results of a study of Spine MT -  a nonsurgical spinal decompression treatment device - on the effect of spinal disc decompression in an international journal. 

Various spinal decompression therapy devices have been used as a treatment method for disc patients prior, but there were no studies that verified their effectiveness, such that medical staff and patients could not trust the treatment.

In a study conducted by Professor Pyong-bok Lee's team at Seoul National University Hospital, "Effect of Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression on Intensity of Pain and Herniated Disc Volume in Subacute Lumbar Herniated Disc", it was revealed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that nonsurgical spinal disc decompression therapy can reduce the size of the disk protruding from patients with lumbar disc escape.

As a result of this study, not only has the efficacy been shown as a conservative treatment method for many patients suffering from spinal disc disease, but it has also enabled medical staff to secure a variety of treatment options for the initial disease.

In-kyu Kim, CEO of Spine MT, the spinal decompression treatment device company used in the study, said, "The characteristics of our products developed with new domestic medical technology are that it is possible to access treatment for each patient's disease and it is designed to make it easy to manage treatment data for each patient. In order to minimize the burden of treatment costs on patients, the legal basis has been established so that Korean medical expenses can be claimed."

CEO of Spine MT In-kyu Kim announced his plan to provide his spinal decompression treatment device (Spine MT K1, Spine MT Core) as a treatment solution to spinal disc patients and medical staff around the world as a result of this research.

Source: Spine MT