The Drug Rehab Agency Offering Consulting for Opening a Treatment Center

​The Drug Rehab Agency, known for their addiction marketing services, has launched a services to help those looking to open a drug rehab center

Opening a treatment center has become a huge focus for individually wealthy individuals as well as investment firms and groups.  With the increase in drug use in the united states, investment groups are jumping at the opportunity to enter into the rehab space. 

"Our consulting services have always been focused on specific aspects of running a treatment center.  However, with the influx of investment groups and people looking to enter the space, we felt it necessary to offer an all-inclusive option to opening a center." said The Drug Rehab Agency CEO, Marcus Hansen.

The Drug Rehab Agency is a full service agency for drug and alcohol addiction centers.  They offer online and offline marketing services as well as consulting services to help their clients maximize their revenue.  The Drug Rehab Agency has been around for 7 years and has over 15 clients nationwide. 

Source: The Drug Rehab Agency

About The Drug Rehab Agency

Addiction marketing agency offering digital marketing to drug rehab center across the United States. We also offer treatment consulting for those looking to open a treatment facility.

The Drug Rehab Agency
155 E. Boardwalk Dr , #400
Fort Collins, CO

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