The Dribbler Magazine Has Arrived!

The Dribbler is here. The worlds first satirical cartoon website aimed exclusively at the bloated behemoth that is UK Premiership football... has arrived.

The Dribbler magazine launched today. The first of its kind in the world, the magazine's satirical style pokes fun at the world of Premiership football, delivered in it own unique comic style.

PR Representative for the magazine G. Biggins said -footie fans of the world, support our little cartoon club and get an array of mirthsome cartoons, up-to-date one-off cartoons in your email inbox on the breaking stories of the day plus get the chance to buy some of the worlds coolest t-shirts and merchandise....all in The Dribbler .... The world's first satirical cartoon website aimed exclusively at the bloated behemoth that is Premiership football.-

Tricky, stylish and possessing an elan not seen since the time of George Best, The Dribbler attacks down both wings and through the middle.
Breaking entirely new ground as the first ever website to satirise the world of football using cartoons, The Dribbler gives jaded fans a chance to laugh at the comical and often down-right ludicrous antics of the modern Premiership game as it alienates its core audience, fleeces the fans and starts to bankrupt some of its venerable old clubs - all in pursuit of more and more filthy lucre.

The Dribbler takes aim with strips such as:-
Fux in the Box - Roy Keane's favourite prawn-sandwich brigade
Nouveaux Gooners - those blackberried Emirates newcomers
Shed Heads - the lads who long for the good 'ol days at the Bridge
Armitage & Shanks - Liverpool's newest coach joins the Merseyside matadors
Big Eels on the Edge - Sunday league's man rotavator
Pigface & Bix - tattooed, tenacious and tacky: the couple who think they have it all
Bob Manager - England's finest managerial talent
Smug of the Day - The Dribblers panel of pallid pundits
plus regular columns from Arse of the Arse, North London's holistic football guru; The Bishop of Balls, the Papal Legate to Premiership football;
Highbrow homilies from the Magazines' Numero Uno, Chairman Howe and Kiss the Badge, some players we all might actually admire... and much much more....
Half of the site is free - with the full site and access all areas coming at the sum of just £3.99 for a year's subscription.
British football humour at its best - Better value than a Bosman!
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