The DIVA Tour Presented by Italina Image & Branding Spotlight

Hip Hop artist DIVA (Keldamuzik) has embarked on another tour this year, this time it is in her home town, San Francisco Bay Area.

From her most recent tours in Tokyo and the Caribbean, Diva is back in her home town and is ready to excite her fans with new music material. Presented by Italina Image and Branding; the tour has already included several dates which consists of performances by Diva herself, hosting appearances along with free giveaways and exciting themes. The first part of the tour kicked off at the Den in Oakland Calif., the venue was hosted by DJ Olga T who greeted Diva to appear at her popular event that takes place on Wednesdays which is also known as "Good Times with DJ Olga T".

The second part of that event extended to Diva performing live at Bench in Bar at Oakland for, which is known to be an established venue for the LGBT crowd. With more than quite a few dates on the calendar, Diva has also been invited to guest appear during the set of Stephanie Teel's Band at George's Nightclub in San Rafael. A Diva's Closet as well as Taylrz Joynt as also come on board for the DIVA tour and will be hosting their locations for Diva and Italina to present their brand to the community. At Taylr Joyntz Diva will showcase her new signature drink called "Divalicious" in which photo opts will be had and promoted by Italina Image & Branding. The purpose of this tour is to not only promote Diva but to give other businesses a platform to present their products and services and to gain more visibility through a different avenue.

Italina Image & Branding has collaborated with Diva to further brand her career and various ways. Italina herself offers consultation to businesses that are in need of branding services. Her innovative ways have helped shape small companies into lucrative businesses by using social media, event management, marketing and promotion. Italina and Diva have created a mission to take the Bay Area by storm with these events and plan to network with others who have the same interest. With a cool evening of networking, live music, drinks and special raffle games, the two ladies plan to continue their journey of branding each other through different marketing tactics.

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