The Digital Podcast Network Announces Its Launch

These days, it seems the whole world is going digital. Consumers are falling in love with a series of new online video and audio streaming services. The Digital Podcast Network is the latest in-demand streaming service to be launched from Hollywood, California.

The Digital Podcast Network is targeted toward African-American and Latino audiences, a powerful global community of over 60 million. “For far too long, people of color have been ignored by the big studios and the Hollywood Machine. Our new network fills a much-needed void on the worldwide entertainment stage,” says Tyrone Jackson, the CEO and President of Hollywood Artist Group.

The Digital Podcast Network launches high-quality podcasts with comedians such as Dean Edwards, former cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and Brian McDaniel, former commentator on TMZ. The network also plays host to hot, new shows such as Brothas on Football, Sista Speak, and The Latin Dish. 

The Digital Podcast Network is a paid subscription service whose shows are built around both the African-American and Latino ethos and way of life. Although we are bound to see additional video and audio streaming services appear, the Digital Podcast Network is the first to focus on people of color across the globe. 

Visit to sample programming and see all that they have to offer. 

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