The Designs Zone Revels Its Creative Team for Successfully Achieving a Growth Milestone

Designs Zone saw an immensely positive growth result after executing a new growth strategy last year.

​​​​​​​The Designs Zone’s Managing Director set a milestone of hitting a $500K sales target for the month of June, which was achieved as expected by the sales team. Teams at the Designs Zone hit the target by onboarding a $150K client, who was offered the premium design package. Adding to this, other Designs Zone's clientele were offered different packages that best fit their design requirements.

However, it is said that the sales team could only achieve this milestone in collaboration with the production team, who worked tirelessly to deliver quality to the Designs Zone clientele. With time, as the digital space is continuously seeing best results, designers are prioritizing more leverage in their design processes to ensure creativity is boosted at max.

The team at The Designs Zone is now celebrating this opportunity to achieve a greater outcome – client satisfaction. Each designer is taking no more than a day to wrap up their assigned projects with minimal to no revisions.

“We are assessing well as a team duo, strategizing better, and producing more efficiently,” said Mark Hunt, Creative Production Head.

Our goal also led to an increased influx of orders, but our creative team is working on average for five new clients every week,” said Eric Phillips, DZ’s brand manager.

Ever since the goal was communicated to the sales and design team, creative gypsies have been teaming up to improve their work quality, enjoying more autonomy within their inter-departmental processes. The overall productivity recorded of each employee now accounts for a staggering 60%, and they’re hopeful to continue this forward.

In addition, teams are now working to introduce a new learning program as part of the growth strategy. With a star-studded Choice Program that challenges designers and content creators to learn each other’s skills and competence that can help them form sub-teams, these sub-teams can then work in collaboration to offer a complete digitally infused experience to clients all over the world, with less resources and better team-partnerships. “I am learning 2D character animation from my co-workers so I can help them design exactly what I am writing about,” said a copywriter. “It is part of the bigger plan; I don't need to explain the details I have written about, review, give feedback, and have the animator revise over and over. It takes more time and more coordination. I can learn to create a rough design for the animator; it will make both our lives easier.”

Each employee has a different choice program they can take on and learn more. It creates the spirit of a growth mindset, makes work processes easy, and offers more happiness. The Designs Zone is looking for more ways they can grow as a company while also keeping their clients satisfied.

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