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The Design Void

Launching on 9/13, The Design Void is a web platform looking to put local creatives (designers, architects, makers, artists, etc) onto one map for businesses and individuals to view, compare and contact; providing businesses a way to connect and engage with nearby designers + makers, and for creatives to generate business. There are two types of membership: Searching for services and Offering services. To search only there is a one time $5 fee (after free trial) and to offer services the fee is $5 monthly (after free trial). Users can upload their info, photos of their work/space, and their relative media links. Those offering services can be searched by type, location, and keywords.  When contacting a user on the site, an email will be sent to them from The Design Void with a reply address and profile link.

Overall, we want to promote design as an effective tool for businesses to grow and thrive in today's increasingly tough environment for brick and mortar locations. Navigating the design world for many small businesses can be difficult and intimidating, and many of these businesses could be making more money from their space. The Design Void will provide a connection point for these businesses and individuals to access the expertise of local designers architects and makers.

Your local creative community on one map.

Edward Mulligan, Founder

Thank you,

Edward Mulligan
​Founder, The Design Void

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About The Design Void

The Design Void is a web platform for businesses and individuals to find, view the work of, and contact local creatives: designers, makers, architects and artists +more.

The Design Void
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