The Daniel Group Announces New CX Training Initiative: The CX Institute

The Daniel Group, a leader in B2B customer experience, introduces the CX Institute, offering training and coaching to enhance CX programs. Leveraging insights from one million surveys, the initiative aims to bridge theory and practice in CX. Three programs will be launched: CX Program Leader Certification, CX for Executive Teams, and CX for Frontline Managers. The institute complements The Daniel Group's commitment to improving customer experiences. For more details, visit their website.

The Daniel Group, a leader in customer experience (CX) in the B2B industry, announces the launch of its CX Institute. The CX Institute will offer training and coaching programs to bolster the skills and capabilities of executives, program leaders, and managers in implementing, evaluating, and growing their B2B CX programs. 

Leveraging insights from over one million surveys, The Daniel Group's new initiative aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in CX. "Based on our information and expertise, we have developed and launched training programs for individuals and organizations striving to improve customer experience," said Doug Fowler, President and COO of The Daniel Group. 

Initially, The CX Institute will offer three programs: 

  • CX Program Leader Certification - This comprehensive program certifies leaders to run effective and sustainable CX programs in their organizations. The CX Institute's inaugural offering, the CX Program Leader Certification, will be held Aug. 7-8, 2023, in Charlotte, NC. 
  • CX for Executive Teams - This initiative equips executive teams with the skills to understand, measure, and improve CX at an organizational level. 
  • CX for Frontline Managers - This training is designed to instill frontline managers with the skills necessary to drive excellent customer experiences at the point of contact. 

The CX Institute reflects an extension of The Daniel Group's commitment to helping our clients measure, manage, and improve customer experiences. Our training programs complement our multi-channel feedback (digital and phone) and our robust, easy-to-use ExperienceConnect platform. 

"At The Daniel Group, we're committed to helping businesses succeed by turning good customer experiences into great ones," said Lynn Daniel, Founder and CEO of The Daniel Group. "The CX Institute is our commitment to creating a customer-centric culture within organizations that contribute significantly to their bottom line." 

For more information on the CX Institute, visit The Daniel Group's website. The Daniel Group's cloud-based platform, ExperienceConnect, stores and delivers all customer feedback to its clients in real-time via the web. ExperienceConnect is a secure, robust, cloud-based customer experience management system. It provides clients with a complete 360-degree view of their customer experience status and progress, incorporating both Customer Feedback and Employee Feedback. 

The Daniel Group, formed in 1989, serves approximately 80% of all Caterpillar dealers in North America, AGCO, Navistar, and other dealers and OEMs with their customer experience feedback programs. Their array of B2B services includes customer feedback, employee feedback, CX training and coaching, strategic planning, and market research. The Daniel Group is led by Founder and CEO Lynn Daniel and Doug Fowler, President, and COO. 

Source: The Daniel Group

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