The Cybersecurity Marketing Society Launches 'Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing' Podcast Produced by Hacker Valley Media

A show intended to cover stories, ideas, and strategies in cybersecurity marketing, hosted by Gianna Whitver and Maria Velasquez, co-founders of the Society

The Cybersecurity Marketing Society (Society) launched a new podcast today produced by veteran cybersecurity content studio Hacker Valley Media. Every Wednesday, the "Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing" podcast will invite marketers in cybersecurity to tell their stories of success, advise of their biggest failures, and encourage new marketers to embrace the cybersecurity industry challenge.

Joining the Hacker Valley Media family was a natural choice for Gianna Whitver and Maria Velasquez, co-founders of the Society. Producers Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings had been long champions of the Society and expert advisors on community building, thought leadership, and podcasting. The Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing hosts join a lineup of other show hosts within the Hacker Valley Media group whose expertise and track record within the cybersecurity community makes for engaging, educational, and highly valuable content and creativity. Shows include "The Cyber Ranch Podcast," "We Are Here," "To Comply or Not to Comply," and "13 Realms."

"I am beyond proud of Maria and Gianna. They have created a refreshing, informative, and joyous podcast. Cybersecurity marketing is one of the hardest fields to stand out in. From seemingly endless budgets to the sea of competition, connecting with practitioners and leaders has never been more difficult. I can tell you from firsthand experience, they know what it takes to reach people where they are. The best part? They are giving out all of their tips, tricks, and experiences for free with the help of some amazing guests," said Chris Cochran, CEO and Executive Producer at Hacker Valley.

The podcast launches with its inaugural episodes featuring guests Tyler Shields, CMO at Jupiter One, and Joanna G. Jones, CEO and founder of InterQ Research, covering topics on team building, culture, go-to-market strategies, and research. Other guests include experts in public relations, brand building, and demand generation to name a few.

"We're grateful for the chance to explore these interesting topics and help each other learn and grow as marketers on this podcast," said Gianna Whitver, co-host of the podcast and CEO and co-founder of the Society. "This is what the Cybersecurity Marketing Society was built to do — to build a community and help others in our notorious, often noisy, and sometimes challenging industry. And Hacker Valley is helping us bring this conversation and community to even more." 

"Connecting with other marketers, hearing their stories, finding common ground on pain points and successes is extremely rewarding. Hacker Valley has helped us amplify this stage and reach as many marketers as possible," said Maria Velasquez, co-host and co-founder of The Cybersecurity Marketing Society.

Fans of the podcast can email to provide feedback or to join as a guest on the show. 

Listen to the podcast here or wherever listeners find their favorite podcasts. 

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Hacker Valley Media, founded by Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran, leverages podcasts, live streams, and other video content to explore the human condition within cybersecurity and technology. Their goal is to empower and inspire people to live out their purpose inside and outside of the office.

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