The College Movie - A New Comedy Film Released to Educate Families About Applying and Paying for College

The College Movie, just released, is an educational comedy film about applying for college, financial aid, and everything else that families need to know for this process. This is the first film of its kind that provides an entertaining way to learn about the challenging aspects of admissions and paying for the ever-rising cost of attending college.

In this film, viewers will learn about FAFSA, scholarships, loans and so much more. The answers are available in this 41-minute movie. "I was amazed by how much I learned all while laughing," said Lisa Jones. "I feel more comfortable about helping my son through the process. I am confident that there are options for paying for his college. This has been weighing on me and now I have some peace of mind." 

The College Movie features experts from top colleges across the country who share valuable insights on the entire college process. Adam Blumenthal, Director of The College Authority, said, "The College Movie is a clever way to educate students and parents. The biggest complaint that I often hear is how boring and difficult the material can be. I think every parent should be watching this film."

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About The College Movie

The College Movie is an educational comedy film that tells families everything that they need to know when applying for college.

The College Movie
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