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At Children’s Learning Adventure, students are prepped for kindergarten through comprehensive Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs. The Lifetime Adventures® Early Learning Standards, created by Children’s Learning Adventure, supports student achievement by introducing the skills necessary for a successful kindergarten experience. Students participate in specialty enrichment classes, gathering time, social studies, science, health and more.

To prepare for kindergarten readiness, Children’s Learning Adventure has created a STEAM-based curriculum. This curriculum is brought to the classrooms through various program activities. With monthly educational themes such as “Things that Go," Health and Nutrition,” “Tropical Adventure” and more, students in the Preschool Program are actively engaged in different learning concepts, activities and enrichment classes. Through this program, each student gains daily exposure to STEAM-based learning in multiple learning environments at Children’s Learning Adventure.

CEO Rick Sodja remarked, “The access to amenities in our centers is vast. Being able to provide a science center, multimedia room and an expansive library to our students is something we take a lot of pride in.”

In their Preschool Program, Children’s Learning Adventure works hard to ensure that students are prepared for Kindergarten. They do this by implementing a curriculum that builds a strong foundation on fundamentals. The Lifetime Adventures® Early Learning Standards are comprised of six focus areas: Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Language and Literacy, Creative Arts, Social-Emotional Development, and Language and Literacy.

Parents are provided with "proof of learning” through detailed reports, teacher-parent interactions and weekly take-home activities connecting learning experiences to the child’s home environment.


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