The Change Catalyst — Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Business Change

New Business Book and New Commentator on Business Change, Political Change and Societal Change

The Change Catalyst: a Wiley publication

Wiley and Change & Strategy International are proud to announce the publication of The Change Catalyst: Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Change by Campbell Macpherson. It is a new business book ideal for the times in which we live.

Change has never been more prevalent or relevant. Voters across the globe are voting for change, any change; seemingly at any cost. Entire industries are being disrupted and transformed by globalization and a new breed of web-based conglomerates. The next wave of AI and automation will create even greater dislocation.

"Essential reading for CEOs and leaders of change"

Martin Davis, CEO Kames Capital

Change is inevitable. Successful change isn’t.

Change is a fact of life that individuals, organizations and nations alike have no choice but to deal with. Those who are able to cope with change will survive. Those who are able to seek out change and actively embrace it will thrive.

Yet 88% of change initiatives fail. A similar proportion of strategies, mergers and acquisitions suffer the same fate.

“The Change Catalyst” provides readers with the insight, tools and know-how needed to make sure their next change, strategy or M&A is the one in eight that succeeds.

All change is about people. One of the most important ingredients for successful change is the identification and appointment of a Change Catalyst; someone who will drive and guide the organization to the ultimate delivery of the outcomes the business needs.

The Change Catalyst is no ordinary business book. Its easy-to-read, conversational style leads the reader on an entertaining exploration of the subject of change. Campbell explains the importance of finding emotional triggers (because emotion trumps logic every time) and genuinely engaging everyone in the organization to embrace real, lasting change.  

Topics covered in The Change Catalyst include:

  • The inevitability of change
  • Why change initiatives fail (including ‘why people don’t like change’)
  • The top ten essential ingredients to successful change
  • Culture change
  • What does a good strategy look like?
  • Values Schmalues: How to create genuine corporate values to deliver your strategy
  • Strategy execution (It’s the Delivery, Stupid)
  • How to design organizations that deliver
  • How to create extraordinary leadership teams
  • How to get the most out of your most valuable asset — your people

Amongst the plethora of real-life anecdotes and examples from organizations across the globe are five detailed case studies — the spectacular failure of globalization, another award-winning HR transformation and the fascinating stories of three Change Catalysts who have transformed entire industries.

The book also contains ‘The Change Toolbox’, offering a collection of proven tools and models to help leaders of change drive successful and sustainable transformation. Whether readers want change at the team level or on a government scale, no initiative is immune from the perils of inertia, misguided focus, distracted leadership or muddled planning.

“If you want your next change or strategy to be the 1 in 8 that succeeds, buy this book.” - Alastair Conway, CEO James Hay Group

Campbell Macpherson is an author, writer, accomplished public speaker, business advisor and commentator on change — business change, political change and societal change.  (@CampbellTCC)

Campbell has been enabling organizations to successfully instigate sustainable change for almost thirty years across the U.K., Europe, U.S., Australia, Asia and the Middle East — as a trusted adviser, board member, Strategy Director, HR Director, Marketing Director, eBusiness Head and internal change leader.

He has assisted one of the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds and a host of other organizations including Zurich Global Life, International Personal Finance, IFDS/State Street, Friends Life, Aviva, Gocompare, iPipeline, James Hay, BP, Capital Radio, BBC, Virgin Wines, American Express and Andersen Consulting. He also used to fly jets (poorly) in the RAAF and has a Physics degree from Melbourne University.

Campbell believes passionately in the power of clarity and aligning people to deliver. ‘Your people are the only ones who can deliver your strategy’ is his mantra. What drives him is a burning desire to make a positive difference to the way that organizations work — and the impact they have on their customers, employees and shareholders.

He advises companies and organizations worldwide via his consultancy Change & Strategy International:

Campbell’s mission is to help us actively embrace change in order to thrive. As democracy is in crisis, globalization disrupts countless industries, and artificial intelligence threatens to create even greater dislocation, his understanding of the political and societal tectonic plates is invaluable for effecting successful transformations.

Campbell lives in Oxfordshire, U.K., and is married with two adult children. He divides his time between the U.K., Australia and wherever his clients need him to be.

“The Change Catalyst” is available worldwide in hardcover and e-book.

For more information, to request a review copy, extract, author article, interview or cover image, please contact: Katy Smith, Publicity Manager, Wiley, +44 1243 770215, (Mon-Wed).

To contact Campbell Macpherson directly, email him at

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