The CE Shop's ProPath Course Achieves Highest Satisfaction Score in the Company's History

Professional development courses help agents quickly compete and thrive; single-topic ProPath courses are now available for the first time at $49 each

Just a few months after its launch, ProPath, the new professional development content from The CE Shop, has already achieved a 97% satisfaction score, the highest among any of the company's courses. More than one-quarter of students who have taken courses from The CE Shop have returned to take ProPath courses.  

The CE Shop knows how critical it is to start a real estate career with the right information and why quickly building momentum and proving sustainability for success is the key to longevity. ProPath helps provide that success map and then follows with courses for the more seasoned agents to continue to hone their skills to grow their business. 

Five ProPath packages like “Real Estate Success Builder” and “Real Estate Kickstarter” are still an option and have a limited-time introductory offer of $99, down from $349. In addition, now available are 11 individual courses that allow professionals to target a single topic and area of improvement, like “Build Your Core Lead Network” and “Build Your Negotiation Skills.” 

For those ready to leap in the direction of success and income growth, discover these individual courses here.

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