The CE Shop Provides a Path for Mortgage Loan Originators to Expand Success for Every Career Stage, as Well as With Dual-Licensure

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Whether seeking a fulfilling mortgage career path or an additional revenue stream to secure the future, The CE Shop offers a path to success through industry-best education as well as a path to Dual Licensure – with real estate and mortgage loan origination.  

As a Mortgage Loan Originator, a second professional license in real estate, real property appraisal, or home inspection helps create a strategic professional advantage, enhanced value, and ongoing economic stability.  

The CE Shop helps get professionals up and running in programs specific to personal and professional interests. Those who thrive in client interaction and embody natural marketing skills would be suited to add on a dual license in real estate; those interested in data and numbers would best pair their mortgage career with dual licensure in real property appraisal; and for those who like to get their hands dirty and be on the go, adding a home inspection career path might be most attractive.  

With Dual Licensure, individuals can expand client services with full-service solutions to stand out, increase referrals with expanded knowledge and network in the market, and protect earnings with multiple income streams. 

Flexible, online, relevant, and engaging courses make the road to Dual Licensure work for busy schedules. 

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For those ready to leap in the direction of success and income growth, discover the ideal career path in real estate here

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The CE Shop is the leading provider of professional real estate education with both online and live-online options in real estate, mortgage, home inspection, and appraisal courses available throughout the United States. The CE Shop produces quality education for professionals across the nation, whether they’re veterans in their industry or are looking to launch a new career. We believe that the right education can truly make a difference. Visit to learn more. 

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