The CBD Benefits Releases Tips for Best Ways to Buy Delta-8 THC

Products derived from hemp have surged in popularity these last few years. The surge first started with CBD. When CBD became legal, Americans welcomed the new substance as a more natural way to battle some of the most common health alignments and issues. 

Since then, Delta-8 THC, which is also derived from hemp, has become the next most popular cannabinoid created from the plant. But there's always been something missing from the hemp industry: regulation. The United States has yet to regulate these products and consequently, consumers are forced to do their own due diligence in order to ensure they're purchasing quality hemp-derived products. Therefore, here's a list of top tips to keep in mind when purchasing Delta-8 THC. 

1. Purchase Delta-8 THC Online Only

There are two popular ways that consumers purchase Delta-8 THC today. The most popular method is purchasing online and having the product delivered. The other method is in-store at smoke shops or gas stations. The problem with purchasing from these places is that they've been known to sell lower quality products and, in some cases, counterfeit products too. Therefore, purchasing online from reputable brands will help ensure the product is authentic. 

2. Learn About Company Practices 

When purchasing Delta-8 THC products online, it's important to review the company's website and learn about its processes. A consumer should examine the product's lab tests, also known as COAs (Certificate of Analysis), to ensure the purity and safety has been tested. It's also best practice to review the company's About page and any other supplemental content they provide on their site. 

3. Examine Brand Reviews & Forums

Lastly, it's essential that Delta-8 THC consumers scour the web for the brand's reviews. Just like any other product purchase, a consumer should confirm that others have had positive experiences with this product and company. 

Purchasing Delta-8 THC products can be a daunting process, but following the tips listed above should help ease the burden. 


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