The Best Staycation Ideas for Spring

There are tons of benefits to planning a staycation instead of getting out of town this year.  Since many people are looking to limit physical contact and save some money, finding things to do locally is a perfect solution.

A staycation has all the benefits of a vacation without the need to travel on trains, planes, and automobiles. Plus, there's the added benefit of staycations often coming in at a much lower price point. Check out this list of the best staycation ideas for Spring to get your mind moving on planning your next adventure.

For the Family

Play Tourist

You know those places you only go to when you take visitors from out of town? Go there! Explore as if you were a tourist in your own city. Take a tour to learn about your town's history. Your family may even learn enough to host your own tour the next time you have guests!

Camp Out

If you live where the weather supports camping outside, find a local campground or pitch a tent in the backyard! Otherwise, who says you can't build a fort in the living room? Pull together your sleeping bags, make s'mores, and don't forget to tell scary ghost stories before drifting off to sleep.

Take a One Day Road Trip

Check out the map and see what small towns are within a one to two-hour drive. Pack up the kids and explore the backroads on your way to grab lunch. This is also a great chance to get in some of those family favorite car games you missed out on by staycationing.

For the Friend Group

Explore a Museum

If your friend group tends to bond over a particular activity, find a local place to explore it more in-depth. Museums may also offer group discounts making this a fun and inexpensive adventure.

Plan a Picnic

Choose your favorite park, grab a blanket, and get outside to share a picnic: the more, the merrier for this outing. Every new attendee means another dish to add to your potluck. Bonus points if you choose a theme, like foods from a country you've all wanted to travel to.

Host a Craft Night

There's something magical about creating something with friends, whether it be tye-dyed shirts or planter boxes for your spring flowers. For an added element of surprise, have every attendee bring a component of the craft and let everyone put together the pieces as guests arrive.

Whatever you and your family or friends choose to do for your staycation, remember that spending time with one another is the part where memories are made.

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