The Bahamas Judiciary and Anchor Group Issue Joint Press Release on the Court Modernization and Reform Initiative (COMRIN) Award

The Anchor Group awarded contract to the design and implement an integrated case management system (ICMS) for the Courts in The Bahamas

 JOINT PRESS RELEASE. The Judiciary of the Bahamas in conjunction with The Bahamas Ministry of National Security are pleased to announce that, after completing a rigorous procurement process guided by strict IDB policies, the contract to design and implement an integrated case management system (ICMS) for the Courts in The Bahamas has been awarded to Anchor Group (, a New York-based business development firm operating and rooted throughout the Caribbean. At the conclusion of the process which involved local and international firms, Anchor emerged as the top-ranked firm based on pre-established criteria set out in the bidding documents.  

This contractual relationship with Anchor Group is part of a multi-phased and multi-dimensional Court Modernization & Reform Initiative (COMRIN), dubbed by the Chief Justice of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Sir Brian M. Moree, Q.C. as "A transformative journey toward a more advanced and higher functioning court system." Chief Executive Officer of Anchor Group, Kevin Howell, describes this relationship as; "A historic moment for the region that is worth watching." 

The Court Modernization & Reform Initiative (COMRIN) is an ongoing transfiguration of the Bahamas court system that includes infrastructural upgrades, capacity expansion, technology enhancements and institutional re-branding. Funding for the ICMS was allocated by the Citizens Security & Justice Programme, a 20 million dollar loan facility funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and executed by the government of the Bahamas through the Ministry of National Security to facilitate activities that achieve the national mandate of reducing crime and violence in the Bahamas.

Currently in The Bahamas, the justice system is limited in its capacity to deliver e services to court users as part of a new and improved technology platform. The implementation of the ICMS will rectify this deficiency and facilitate better work flows and more efficient management of cases thereby reducing the backlog. Additionally, experience has shown that long delays in taking criminal cases to trial diminishes the rate of convictions. Consequently, there is consensus that justice reform within the Bahamas court system is not only needed but it is fundamental to the strengthening and sustained success of COMRIN. 

The Bahamas Judiciary's vision for a "higher functioning court system" is underscored by the need for technological enhancements and a collaborative approach to justice reform. This sentiment was further expressed by Chief Justice Brian Moree, who stated; "Our objective is to work with all stakeholders involved in the administration of justice to bring our Court system into the 21st century in line with best practices. This will involve introducing smart, innovative and sustainable ICT solutions in the delivery of court services." Accordingly, it is with optimism and anticipation that Anchor Group signs the contract with the government of The Bahamas to develop and implement an industry-standard ICMS for the Courts in The Bahamas.

Jamaican born CEO of Anchor Group, Kevin A. Howell, states; "Anchor is proud to join as a catalyst for change through the Bahamas ICMS blueprint. Our commitment through this historic moment initiates a vital resource for all Bahamian citizens." Anchor Group is a New York based company rooted and operating throughout the Caribbean. 

The ICMS will accelerate the modernization of the courts by combining document management, data management and business process automation. This essential technology will be designed to support the Supreme Court mission to create a paperless court environment. The reporting functionality of the ICMS will be crucial to provide feedback and help the court locate areas for improvement. The new ICMS is set to roll out in several strategic phases over the next two years. The official contract signing took place on December 16th, 2020 at 11am with a live Facebook stream:

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Source: The Bahamas Judiciary & Anchor Group

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