'The Authentic You' Podcast, Designed to Combat Post-Pandemic Employee Burnout, Hosted by Goran Yerkovich

Podcast Launched Monday, July 26, 2021; New 30-Minute Episodes Weekly

Welcome to 'The Authentic You' Podcast hosted by Goran Yerkovich

Designed to combat the skyrocketing post-pandemic rates of employee burnout around the world and to inform workplaces that they can no longer afford to ignore employee well-being is the place in which Season 1 - The Authentic You Podcast was born. 

"With the expected mass exodus of tens of thousands of office workers in the next six months, it's time we get real and serious about what's happening right now. Everyone is burnt out. It's what I feared would happen. Burnout is worse than ever. But most employees don't have the savings or willingness to say something about it. Some will quit without a plan. Others will continue to suffer," said Goran Yerkovich, a corporate consultant with over 14 years of experience at some of Canada's biggest corporations in both IT and business in both public and private sectors.

"This podcast is designed to help reduce burnout by empowering employees with a better understanding of what their rights are and how they can start doing more of the little things that matter each day to bring more passion, purpose and joy in their lives."

Goran has lived inside the corporate grind for years, witnessing first-hand what burnout can do to individuals and teams unable to say no to the work. His passion for storytelling and a deep desire to help others with career advice led Goran to the launch of his 2017 Online Magazine and Educational Career Course site called The-Inspired.com, which has over 150 personal development and career advice articles read in over 100 countries and the first-ever masterclass course on how to live our "authentic lives."

The podcast begins with an incredible but forgotten real-life story, like flamingos in acid lakes who find a way to adapt and thrive, or the lost Stone Age Tribe that fooled the world with a lie, or the hell of Serra Pelada where men became slaves to their jobs. Episodes end with easy-to-follow steps to reduce workplace burnout and conflicts as well as tips on how to apply the latest in neuroscience, daily habits, and goal setting to greatly improve or transform our lives. 

"Living our authentic life comes down to a deep and simple truth of what really matters in life, and learning to embrace our strengths. From these two principles, everything is possible."

The Authentic You Podcast: Available on Anchor.fm and YouTube and streamed to all major podcast platforms. Each 30-minute podcast will be released Mondays, 6 a.m. PT. 

Goran Yerkovich

Source: Goran Yerkovich

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