The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A. Voted Pioneer and Leader in Foreclosure Defense Litigation

The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A. is waging the war to save Florida homeowners from lawsuits launched by the mortgage and debt service industry.

The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A. defends foreclosure actions by looking at each case comprehensively.  When they evaluate a foreclosure matter, they not only look at the most recent challenges faced by their clients in working out a resolution with their mortgage company, but also look at the loan closing and loan history to determine whether other defenses or claims may be available.  They look for violations of TILA, RESPA, and other consumer statutes like HOEPA and the FDCPA.  The Firm approaches foreclosure defense holistically, looking at the big picture of what each client wants to achieve, then all of the individual parts of the loan transaction to craft a strategy to meet that objective.  They are the elite team in raising multiple issues in a foreclosure lawsuit usually resulting in better leverage with the bank to reach a favorable resolution.  The Firm subscribes to the belief that greater pressure means better results.

The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A. is widely regarded as the preeminent foreclosure defense litigation firm in Florida, securing results for its clients.

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Source: The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A.