The ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Oxygen Therapy Industry

ARYA BioMed Corp is on a mission to redefine oxygen therapy with the release of its innovative ARYA portable oxygen concentrator

ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator

ARYA BioMed Corp, a leading manufacturer of oxygen therapy devices, is redefining mobile oxygen with the release of its ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator. 

The ARYA portable oxygen concentrator is ultra-lightweight and boasts a powerful battery-powered system that quickly charges. 

Realizing that patients' need for portable oxygen meant compromising comfort and mobility to haul around cumbersome oxygen tanks, the expert team at ARYA BioMed Corp took up the mantle. The result is a quaint machine weighing only 5 pounds with the 8-cell battery and 6 pounds with the 16-cell battery. The lack of unnecessary weight guarantees that patients can easily strap the oxygen concentrator to their hip and go about their daily routine. Furthermore, the ARYA portable oxygen concentrator has sleek finishes and can also be carried over one's shoulder. 

Though small in size, this groundbreaking machine packs a punch with a plethora of features. The petite yet powerful ARYA features Pulse Flow settings ranging from 1-5, long-lasting battery life of up to 8 hours with the standard 8-cell battery pack, Sensitive breath detection with UltraSenseĀ® technology, advanced oxygen delivering and monitoring with AutoDOSE safety feature, ease of access with a convenient user interface LCD for better interaction, glow-in-the-dark keypad, and easy to travel with a shoulder strap, carrying bag, or backpack.  Moreover, the ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator has been approved for flying by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), allowing for use while flying in the cabin. 

Not only is ARYA blazing a trail with its modern and life-changing device, but it is also leading the charge with excellent customer service. Unlike other manufacturers who only offer a paltry three-year warranty on their device and a 1-year warranty on the sieve beds, ARYA portable oxygen concentrator guarantees its customer peace of mind with a never before seen in the industry five-year warranty on the sieve beds. 

With every purchase of the ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator, customers receive a free year's supply of Nasal Cannulas, Battery, AC Charging Cable, DC Charging Cable, ARYA Custom Carrying Case, Tubing, Filter, Manual, and the best-in-class warranty. 

Just because oxygen is life, doesn't mean it should hinder one from enjoying all that life has to offer. There should never exist a compromise between breathing or mobility, and with ARYA Portable Oxygen Concentrator, no one will have to. 

About ARYA BioMed Corp

ARYA BioMed Corp is a movement dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge solutions to the growing number of oxygen therapy issues. The ARYA Group is committed to providing oxygen patients with non-invasive yet powerful devices that aim to improve patients' overall quality of life. ARYA BioMed Corp is steadfast in its pursuit of equity, customer service, adaptability to create innovative products, and merit-based ethics to guarantee oxygen therapy is a compulsory and not a far-fetched luxury. 

Contact: Andy Flynn

Phone: 912-507-0894

Source: ARYA BioMed

About ARYA BioMed

ARYA BioMed is a leading manufacturer of oxygen concentrators and launched the ARYA portable oxygen concentrator in late 2021.

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