The Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network is Invading Your Bank and Privacy Right Now

Criminals procure the newest technologies to acquire information from banking software.

The Artificial Intelligence is Invading Your Bank and Privacy Right Now

"Cybercriminals are using AI-powered technologies to attack our banks," said Iliya Garakh, CEO of (Team Password Manager For Business).

Numbers keep climbing with each new year as Cyber hacker attacks increase in the banking industry. This year alone, it’s has increased by 1.5 - 1.8 times. More sophisticated now than ever, hacker attacks are using Artificial Intelligence to gain more design knowledge regarding bank security systems, bank operating systems, and their technological design.

Cybercriminals are using AI-powered technologies to attack our banks.

Iliya Garakh, CEO of

In addition, the 2018 World Cup is of great interest to the Passwork team due to a recent increase in hacker activity, prior to the event.

“We are aware that there will be cyber threats, we know that cybercriminals have a great interest in the World Cup. We are also aware that heightened security measures are in place in our country and on each state level to decrease these risks. As far as the banking institutions and the financial division is concerned, heightened security is in place and we will continue to monitor the situation carefully” said Garakh.

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