The Article by UrFU Scientist Is Recognized to Be the Best in Russia

An authoritative scientific journal "Physics-Uspekhi" noted the work of Andrey Sobolev

The article entitled "Overview of scientific tasks to the Millimetron observatory" has been recognized to be the best article published by the authoritative Russian scientific journal "Physics-Uspekhi" in 2014. The team of 21 authors includes the Head of the Laboratory of Kourovka Astronomical Observatory (Ural Federal University) Andrey Sobolev.

The scientists studied the problems associated with the formation and evolution of stars and planets, galaxies, the interstellar space, black holes. They also developed cosmological models for the Millimetron space observatory (project "Spectrum-M") equipped with 10-meter chilled mirror.

The text of the article is available on the journal website (free access). The award ceremony is taking place on December, 7 in the Division of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We would like to note that the journal "Physics-Uspekhi" was founded in 1918 and is considered to be one of the most quoted Russian journals with the highest impact factor (in 2014 it was 2,606). The journal publishes reviews of the current state of the most topical problems in physics and related sciences.


The project "Millimetron" is a Russian space observatory for the study of astronomical objects with ultra-high sensitivity at millimeter, sub-millimeter and far infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Interferometer functioning in the observatory will make it possible to obtain unique information about the global structure of the universe, the structure and evolution of galaxies, their nuclei, stars and planetary systems, organic compounds in space and objects with superstrong gravitational and electromagnetic fields. The Manager of the project is Nikolay Kardashev, laureate of the Demidov Prize 2014.