The Arizona Humane Society Was the Most Recent Recipient of Earnhardt Auto Centers No Bull Charities - Employee Contributions Program

No Bull Charities AZ Humane Society

No Bull Charities - Employee Contributions is an ongoing effort that allows Earnhardt Auto Centers' employees to pool their resources to help area charities; the most recent recipient being the Arizona (AZ) Humane Society!

Small, voluntary paycheck deductions towards No Bull Charities - Employee Contributions add up to significant funding for exemplary causes such as the AZ Humane Society.

A check for the most recent charity contribution was awarded to the AZ Humane Society to help continue their vital work. The non-profit animal welfare organization relies on donations and grants for all of its services.

"We are glad that Earnhardt employees share our love for dogs, cats, and other critters," said Page Englert, Institutional Giving Manager, AZ Humane Society. "This contribution will help these animals tremendously."

The donation will help fund the shelter, feeding, and care of stray dogs and cats. It may assist with critical medical care such as spaying and neutering, trauma care, and emergency treatment.

"The society helps so many stray or abandoned pets every month," said Christopher Kerr, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Earnhardt. "That's why our employees voted to give this quarter's donation to the Humane Society."

Low-cost vaccines and mobile clinics are available to help pet owners and reduce the chance of rabies in the pet population.

A home-away-from-home program and Bridge the Gap assistance are additional society programs that help reduce the rate of pet abandonment.

"Our family-run business is so thankful to have amazing employees who are willing to donate to such a wonderful institution," said Nature Bradshaw, Media Director for Earnhardt Auto Centers.

"We're glad to help out this good cause in any way we can."

A new AZ Humane Society campus is under construction near Papago Park. This larger facility will allow the agency to serve more abandoned pets and provide more low-cost or no-cost animal care for underserved pets.

As noted, No Bull Employee Charities is an ongoing effort that allows Earnhardt Auto Centers' employees to pool their resources to help local charities. Each year, Earnhardt employees vote on the charities to receive the funds - one for each quarter.

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About AZ Humane Society:

AZ Humane Society's mission is clear: to save the most vulnerable animals and enrich the lives of pets and people. In carrying out their mission, they constantly innovate and find creative solutions to transform the future of animal welfare.

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