The Arcview Group Announces New Chief Executive Officer: Jeffrey Finkle

New Leadership and Partnership Further Enhances Arcview's Position As a Powerhouse Firm in the Evergreen Cannabis and Hemp Industries

Jeffrey Finkle - CEO of The Arcview Group

Effective today, Jeffrey Finkle is the new Chief Executive Officer of The Arcview Group. Most recently, Finkle led Arcview Ventures as CEO and co-founded The Arcview Collective Fund in 2018. Widely respected by the Arcview team and among members of the investment community, Finkle brings extensive experience in business operations, investment management, and fundraising from seed to growth capital.

A strong leader with a proven track record of developing diverse and high-performing teams is exactly why The Arcview Group chose Finkle to lead them through the next phase of company growth. His familiarity with the company's infrastructure, leadership team, and strategy provides great continuity as he succeeds Kim Kovacs, who is moving on to pursue passion projects in the ESG space.

"The Arcview Group sits at the forefront of the most exciting new industry opportunities in our lifetime," comments Finkle, CEO of The Arcview Group. "Thanks to the efforts of Kim Kovacs and the entire team at The Arcview Group, our company has evolved its business to lead the emerging cannabis, industrial hemp, and psychedelics markets as a turnkey services firm. I look forward to working with our industry leading team to build on the great foundation that has been created over the last decade through events, investor memberships, consulting, research, and industry advocacy."

In his new executive position, Finkle will oversee all aspects of the company's operations, which include marketing services, financial operations, corporate development, and core programs, such as Arcview Access and Women's Inclusion Network. Finkle will also oversee The Arcview Group's primary service subsidiaries: Arcview Capital, Arcview Ventures, and Arcview Management Consulting, which includes Arcview Market Research.

The appointment of Finkle follows a poised transition plan in which he will continue his work with Arcview Ventures and The Arcview Collective Fund. Departing Arcview CEO, Kim Kovacs will be joining Santa Fe Farms, a current client of The Arcview Group, as Chief Strategy Officer and will remain on The Arcview Group Board of Directors.

"The essential need of the cannabis industry was made abundantly clear over the past year amidst the pandemic, as the canna-curious and market leaders more than tripled The Arcview Group's event registrations compared to the prior 5 years combined. With the establishment of a full ecosystem of programs and services to serve the sector and its community, Arcview continues to blaze trails in the cannabis industry and is poised to represent and make the same impact within the ESG and hemp spaces, making them a natural fit as a partner for Santa Fe Farms," said Kim Kovacs. "I plan to keep close ties with the company as I continue to serve on Arcview's Board of Directors and work with the team to develop new ways to grow the company under Jeff Finkle's leadership."

About The Arcview Group:

The Arcview Group is a vertically integrated firm servicing the cannabis, hemp and psychedelic industries, built with social equity at its core. Arcview has been a trusted global leader for over ten years and a nexus for investors, companies, entrepreneurs, and community, providing a broad spectrum of programs and services to the industry. The Arcview Group's ecosystem of companies includes Arcview Capital, Arcview Consulting & Market Research, Arcview Ventures. Connect with us: WebsiteLinkedInInstagramFacebook

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