The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) Votes to Expand Its Membership and Mission

The members of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) voted at their recent membership meeting to expand the organization’s membership categories to include all segments of the electronic vapor industry. In addition to e-liquid manufacturing businesses, AEMSA will now also permit e-liquid component manufacturers, vaping hardware manufacturers, and electronic vapor products distributors and retailers to join the association. Each of these vape industry sectors will develop sector-specific standards to ensure good manufacturing practices, ingredient quality control, and consumer safety.

“AEMSA was created to ensure that the e-liquids consumers vape are manufactured in a professional, responsible manner with inspections and certifications to provide consumers with confidence that our members’ products are manufactured with quality, accuracy, safety, and verifiable standards,” AEMSA President Scott Eley stated. Eley continued, “The vast majority of our suppliers and customers have the same business mindset. It’s time that the industry adopts standards across-the-board and demonstrates that we all adhere to them.  Consumers deserve that.”

Mike Runshe, founder and owner of Giant Vapes, one the largest online vape retail businesses in the country with more than 250,000 customers, recently accepted an invitation to serve as an AEMSA Subject Matter Expert (SME) to help organize the Retail Operations Membership category for the expanded AEMSA. Giant Vapes will now officially join AEMSA as a member company. “With the recent changes AEMSA is making, they are positioning themselves to evolve with the industry, grow with the industry, and improve industry standards across not only the e-liquid manufacturing space, but all facets of the vapor industry. I’m excited to get involved on the ground floor and help them drive this growth and evolution,” the Giant Vapes founder said upon AEMSA’s membership vote in favor of expansion.

Likewise, Shaun Casey, CEO of Flavour Art North America and the Co-Founder and President of the Canadian Vaping Association, will also now join AEMSA. Flavour Art North America has more than 400 U.S. Customers for flavors, including many of the largest e-liquid manufacturers. Shaun recently signed on as an AEMSA Subject Matter Expert (SME) to help organize the E-Vapor Components category for the expanded AEMSA. Flavour Art North America will now officially join AEMSA. “I am extremely excited to join AEMSA and help organize the electronic vapor industry’s components manufactures as new members into AEMSA and work with them to develop meaningful, reasonable standards for our sector,” Casey stated after the association’s vote to expand. 

“AEMSA is now in a position to establish a comprehensive continuum of professional-grade standards for the entire e-vapor supply chain. The standards continuum will be developed by the industry for the industry. AEMSA’s goal is to ensure that the industry is using the high-quality ingredients, safe and verifiable manufacturing practices, safe and appropriate vaping devices, and that our products are sold by responsible, trained and accredited retailers,” Eley concluded.

In addition to Flavour Art and Giant Vapes, other new members already committed to joining the expanded AEMSA include SAVEURVape, Demand Vape, and blu. 

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Source: The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA)


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