The Alzheimer Spouse Blog Named #20 in the Top 50 Alzheimer Related Blogs

The #1 site (Google) on the Internet for support and information for spouses of Alzheimer patients has been named by the Healthcare Administration Blog as #20 in the top 50 Alzheimer Related Blogs.

The Alzheimer Spouse Blog Named #20 in the Top 50 Alzheimer Related Blogs

The Alzheimer Spouse website - - was launched in 2007 by Joan Gershman, an Alzheimer spouse herself, to address the unique issues faced by spouses of Alzheimer patients. The emotional issues involved in caring for a spouse with Alzheimer's Disease are completely different than caring for a parent or grandparent. Recognizing this difference in struggling to adjust to the changes Alzheimer's Disease brought to her 35 year marriage, Joan started the website to bring support and information to other spouses trying to cope with their conflicting emotions.

Since the inception of, it has become the #1 site (Google) on the Internet for support, information, education, and resources for spouses of Alzheimer patients. The heart of the website are the brutally honest, deeply personal blogs written by Joan detailing her struggle to adjust and accept her husband's descent into the Alzheimer fog. Members of the website write on the Message Boards of how Joan's blogs give a voice to their own feelings and battles related to coping with the disease.

Now the Healthcare Administration Blog has named The Alzheimer Spouse as #20 in the top 50 Alzheimer Related Blogs. Log onto and become acquainted with the blogs that have earned this honor, as well as all of its informative features:

Message Boards - filled with spouses who understand and support one another

Dementia Guides - complete informative guides explaining Alzheimer's Disease

Help for the Newly Diagnosed

Educational Videos on Alzheimer's Disease and real people living and coping with the disease

Breaking News - Updated daily - latest news and treatments
Financial Information

Social Security Disability - Eligibility and application assistance

Travel tips

General Caregiver Tips

Help for Male Caregivers - caregiving answers to questions men were afraid to ask

Joan's Radio Interviews

Book Recommendations

Communication Strategies


Project Lifesaver - information on county GPS locator system

Memory Disorder Clinics in your area

Clinical Trials

Community Services in your area

Disaster Preparation

Medicare Information

Caregiver Cruises

Log onto and join the #1 network for Alzheimer's Spousal Support.


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