The Altitude Platform and Torstar Pair Up to Simplify Rich Media Ad Production With an Emphasis on Engagement

Innovative ad tech meets client-centric media network for an end-to-end creative solution

The Altitude Platform

The Altitude Platform is proud to announce it is working with Torstar in a strategic collaboration that makes it easier for clients to enhance – and measure – their digital display campaigns with rich media.

Agencies and brands often find production of rich media assets hard to achieve or justify, even while recognizing their ability to drive superior engagement. In a fast-paced world, the extra time and resources for developing creative can be out of scope, and historically poor reporting on engagement has made it challenging to prove the value of rich media.

The Altitude Platform allows Torstar to offer an end-to-end service for clients – from rich media ad creation, to campaign fulfillment and KPI optimization – and in this unique pairing, the added ability to assess rich media engagement through heatmaps.

“We are thrilled to be working with Torstar to revolutionize the advertising experience across their network of trusted news and lifestyle brands,” said Warren Jansons, General Manager of The Altitude Platform. “With our advanced media solutions, we can help them empower advertisers with innovative tools to deliver impactful messages and drive measurable results.”

The Altitude Platform’s cutting-edge technology makes premium ads an easy option, incorporating video, animation and immersive experiences to captivate audiences and maximize campaign effectiveness. Torstar is the first to layer in Altitude’s heat-mapping to measure ad engagement, offering agencies and brands a more visual representation of how their message is connecting with audiences.

“Readers respond to rich media ads, but the time and effort that goes into creating them can force them off the plan,” said Torstar CRO, Brandon Grosvenor. “Working with The Altitude Platform, we make it easy to create more exciting ads and with the heat maps, we can help our clients see what content and interactions are getting attention.”

While targeting primarily on the Torstar Network, rich media assets created by Torstar can also be served through their DSP partners for audience extension and retargeting.

Together, The Altitude Platform and Torstar offer an end-to-end solution for marketers looking to elevate their brand presence and drive engagement.

About The Altitude Platform
The Altitude Platform is a Creative Management Platform that enables users to manage all their ad creative and production. This includes ad serving and reporting in a single robust platform.

Built from the ground up by a team of experienced creative and ad management professionals, The Altitude Platform provides a simplified and holistic workflow that starts from concept to end of campaign reporting and is designed for marketers, brands, agencies, and publishers of all backgrounds.

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About The Altitude Platform

As a pioneering Rich Media Creative Management Platform, The Altitude Platform seamlessly integrates management of rich media creatives, ad serving, and reporting into one comprehensive solution.


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