The Alpha Male Dating System by the Politically Incorrect Pub Gets a Stamp of Approval From Damien Drake

The PI Pub's Alpha Male Dating system built to allow men to create instant attraction from women gets its first stamp of approval from Damien Drake.

Dating systems online are a dime a dozen. Anyone with proficient Word and computer skills can create a type of self help dating system promising men to be able to attract and sleep with beautiful women. Most of these systems are charlatans. However, PI Pub's Alpha Male has received a stamp of approval from dating guide reviewer and web personality Damien Drake.

Drake, who had become disenfranchised with many of the webs so called dating experts explained how he came to recommending the Alpha Male System. "It had been a while since I had the opportunity to give my stamp of approval to an online advice book. However, this system has the necessary criteria I look for. It's not gimmicky, has a 100% money back guarantee and is built on sound principles that are both proven and logical."

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Damien Drake

It seems that the PI Pub's dating system is not the only reason Damien decided to recommend the system. "P.I. Pub has a full resource website besides the dating system. I love the fact they present tips, details and stories on men's lifestyle topics. It's like a light version of GQ only with a bit more attitude. I think anyone who wants a great resource will absolutely love the dating guide program and will keep the website in their bookmarks".

After so much time in hiatus and suddenly coming to recommend a new dating system, Damien Drake has confirmed that the PI Pub Alpha Male Dating System may be a strong option for any man looking to increase their dating and sex life.