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Health Insurance DMD LLC Launches in Florida

David Mark Decherd

Health Insurance DMD LLC is an independent insurance agency that provides the best coverage at the lowest price. Led by David Mark Decherd, an insurance agent with years of experience in the industry, the firm works with clients to find affordable coverage without conflicts of interest.

Previously trained as a navigator for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) under President Barack Obama's administration, Decherd now offers his services directly to clients without being affiliated with any insurance carrier or government entity. He has found that this allows him to serve their best interest while simultaneously obtaining cost-effective insurance coverage. He has developed a novel five-step system for assisting employers and individuals to obtain affordable health insurance.

"Despite the promises of healthcare reform, obtaining affordable — and adequate — insurance coverage remains one of life's most frustrating and elusive problems," Decherd said. "I am driven to help people get affordable health care coverage that meets both their health care and budgetary needs."

His 5-step system methodically walks clients through their options.

  • Step 1: Determine enrollment periods, eligibility, and any particular client issues (such as relocation, coverage loss at no fault of the client, COBRA, birth, death, etc.) that may or may not affect enrollment and gather supporting documentation.
  • Step 2: All applications are submitted electronically, which will trigger a government eligibility determination. Decherd reviews the determination and, based on the requirements within it, develops a plan for moving forward.
  • Step 3: It's not unusual for the government to present a list of up to 70 insurance plans to choose from. Decherd consults with his clients to find the perfect insurance policy for their needs. He goes over specific terminology, so they can make an informed decision.
  • Step 4: The Exchange may ask for a number of different documentation items, but the most common are employer income documents and citizenship proof such as a green card or Social Security card. Decherd will assist in gathering and submitting documentation as well as responding to other requests from the Exchange.
  • Step 5: Once coverage has been obtained, Decherd helps clients stay on top of all the changes in their health insurance coverage through different stages of life including marriage status, income level and household size.

About Health Insurance DMD LLC

Health Insurance DMD LLC is based in Fort Myers, Florida. The company does not have any relationship and/or appointment with the insurance carriers on the exchange. Health Insurance DMD LLC is an independent agency that works solely for its clients and is compensated by them or their employers in employer-based groups.

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