The Addiction Advocates Shuts Down Operations Effective Immediatly

Fort Collins base advocacy group, The Addiction Advocates, has decided to shut down operations.  The advocacy group helped both local and national clients find a treatment center that fits their individual needs, rather than what is most convenient.  

"We spend the better part of two years helping people, covering flights, paying for interventions and truly helping people that need it.  This is a passion of mine, and I am sad to have to let it go." said former CEO, Marcus Hansen.  

When asked why they are shutting down operations, he said, "We started to offer reviews of recovery centers around the country.  This was done by aggregating reviews from the top sites into one, allowing the visitor to get all the information in one location.  However, there were phone number issues that would direct callers to our hotline, rather than the center itself. It is embarrassing to admit, but I made a huge mistake.  One that, in this industry, is a death blow."

Mr. Hansen said this stems from a Facebook post from a center calling out the advocacy group for stealing phone calls from the brand.  When asked which center did this he replied, "I don't want to hurt this center, as they provide quality treatment to many people, so I am not going to disclose that." He went on, "We have been sent threats of legal action from many of the top centers in this country and I simply can't take it anymore.  This venture makes zero revenue and has cost me personally around $22,000 to help people that need it.  I simply don't have the time anymore to deal with centers that think we are something we are not."

Source: The Addiction Advocates

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