The Abortion Holocaust and a Memorial Day for the Unborn

The world is in the midst of the largest genocide in human history - the “Abortion Holocaust!”

Since the 1970s, there have been more than 1.7 billion legal abortions performed in the world. Of these, more than 1.5 billion have been non-emergency and could have been prevented. This massive destruction of human life is worse than all the wars throughout history put together and continues unabated!

In order to memorialize these deaths, heighten awareness of this holocaust and solidify the resolve of all Americans to provide all healthy unwanted pregnancies with a happy and prosperous life through adoption, foster care or institutional care, the Pro-Adoption Movement under the direction of Thomas Harry Pearce, is asking all Americans to observe a “Memorial Day for the Unborn” on Monday May 30, 2016.

Thomas Harry suggests many forms for a Memorial Service or Monument for the Unborn. He says, “We need to pray, teach and work for the end of this Abortion Holocaust. Placing signs, flowers, candles, etc. at places of worship, government centers, cemeteries and abortion clinics will assert the dedication of our national grassroots campaign to joyfully end this horrendous tragedy!”

Source: Pro-Adoption Movement


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