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The flexible and facilitative NanoPad


​It has been a highly anticipated project over the recent weeks. The NanoPad by The ProtectPax was launched into campaign on Kickstarter. The application serves needs regarding the handling of mobile devices such as phones and tablets and tries to facilitate utilization for avid users. Because it is thought of as filling an urgent hole in the daily use of phones and tablets, the NanoPad promises to be a worthy investment for both, supporters and developers. Hopefully receiving strong tail wind for future production and selling phases, the NanoPad Team is expected to start worldwide shipping in November.

One sole pad for diversified works
The NanoPad is an application, that momentarily glues the phone to a smooth surface. Thereby it serves as a fixation tool to those who rely on their phone when coping with daily tasks, such as calculating, painting one's face or even watching the favorite TV series while carrying out a different work. That being said, the NanoPad makes life easier by merging many different areas of daily life into one handy application that is to be carried around effortlessly and safely. Thanks to the firm hold offered by the adhesive layer on the inside, the NanoPad is available at all times.

The situations, in which the NanoPad shines as a helpful companion, are countless. You can, for example, watch a cooking tutorial while cooking or a painting tutorial while you paint. It can be taken outside and used to have a look at favorite soccer skills before you try and reproduce them.

Durable and flexible
The pad is resistant to the influence of temperature and water. Weather conditions do not have an effect on the pad's functions. Due to the millions of merely visible suction cups, it is not only self-healing when being confronted with any kind of friction, but it complies with almost every smooth and flat surface. The highly efficient and flexible material defies outer impacts in order to sustain longevity.

Thanks to its accurate design and flexible shape, the pad is thinner than a Credit Card so that the feel of the phone remains exactly the same as before. The adhesive layer guarantees unflawed grip so as to stick the pad to the phone without further readjusting or unnerving delamination.

The NanoPad is applicable to all phones with a surface bigger than a Credit Card (2.2 x 3.4 inches); that is to say, almost any phone that has ever been constructed. Using two pads will enable customers to fixate a tablet on the wall or a comparable surface.

Smooth and flat surfaces
The NanoPad sticks, amongst others, to following surfaces:

  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Whiteboards
  • Ceramic Tiles

It is the perfect companion for people who rely on their phone for daily tasks. By pinning the phone to a surface via Nanopad customers are able to facilitate activities such as cooking, combing, having the hair cut, watching TV shows and Web clips while doing housework or bathing to the sizzling sounds of an open fire.

The operations of worldwide shipping will probably begin in November. The NanoPad by The ProtectPax Team can be had at 14.99 per one piece as an early bird option. Ordering a higher amount at the early bird price drastically decreases the cost regarding one piece (for example, 4.99 per piece when ordering 10 at 49 Dollars).

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