The 2022 Big Game Hero Winner Announced - More Than $985,000 Raised for Conservation First USA

Big-Game Hero

Colossal Management, LLC, a nationally registered professional fundraiser, recently announced the results of the 2022 Big Game Hero Competition. Matt Hansen, an avid outdoorsman from Idaho Falls, was named the winner of the Competition, and more than $985,000 was raised in support of Conservation First USA (formerly known as Arizona Big Game Super Raffle). 

The money was raised by Colossal on behalf of DTCare, a United States 501(c)(3) public charity organization, that subsequently made a grant of donation funds to Conservation First USA in support of its mission to aid in its efforts toward conservation in the Southwest, from providing and maintaining water catchments to species relocation and introduction. Since 2006, Conservation First USA has raised funds to improve and restore wildlife habitat in the Southwest. Every dollar raised for each species is returned to the Arizona Game and Fish Department and managed by the Arizona Habitat Partnership Committee (AHPC).

"Every dollar raised goes a long way," said Vice President of Development at Conservation First USA, Pete Cimellaro. "Big Game Hero funds have enabled Conservation First USA to jump-start our Conservation Grant program. We are now focused on finding qualified, large landscape-scale habitat projects, which, when completed, will benefit habitat, wildlife, and those of us who value spending time in the outdoors."

Hansen is among those who value spending time outdoors. He began hunting with his father when he was young, and the sport quickly became his most prized pastime. Spending time in the forest and chasing game helps Hansen feel closer to the loved ones he lost in a tragic plane accident three years ago.

Hansen's prize will include $25,000 for outfitting and gear, as well as the Kaibab Mule Deer tag to pursue the biggest mule deer bucks in Arizona. The tag is one of the most exclusive tags in the hunting world. 

Colossal is also grateful to the other competitors and their voters who expressed their support for Conservation First USA in this year's Competition.

Cimellaro added, "Colossal and its fundraising competitions are truly innovative in the world of nonprofit fundraising. Working with Colossal through the Big Game Hero Competition has given our organization a tremendous boost."

This year's Competition was sponsored by onX Hunt, a suite of navigation apps built by adventurers for adventurers. OnX Hunt is committed to protecting access to the landscapes that fuel adventures and exploration.

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Source: Colossal Management, LLC