The 2016 World Fertility Index is Now Available

Plowboy Publishing Reports a Drop of 50 Points in the World Fertility Index. Fertility is on Track to Fall Below Replacement Before 2035

The World Fertility Index, 122.04% as recently as 2000, hit a modern low of 106.78%. Half the index is now below the level required for population replacement. Europe, East Asia, Latin America and the US all are below 100%.

The Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and the Middle East have slightly greater than replacement fertility. Since the millennium began, fertility has dropped 10% in the Middle East and almost 30% in the Indian Subcontinent. Both are projected to be less than 100% before 2035.

"The continued global fertility collapse seems assured," said Dennis Marx, Author of Predictions for the 21st Century. "Outside Sub-Saharan Africa, the world’s already under 100%. The economic and cultural impacts will be unprecedented."

Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 16% of births worldwide with only 6% of the population, but even in Africa fertility is falling rapidly, down 3.4% from 2105. African women average one less child over a lifespan now than just 16 years ago.

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