The 2016 Logan CIJ Symposium for Journalists and Hacktivists

Berlin - February 18 2016 - The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), with the generous support of the Reva and David Logan Foundation, is pleased to announce that the programme for the second Logan CIJ Symposium has now been finalised. The event, to be held at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc) 11-12 March 2016, brings together some of the biggest names in investigative journalism and hacktivism.

Held over two days, the Logan Symposium will bring together Hacktivists and Journalists – offering a forum for the sharing of ideas and debate around the issues of surveillance, privacy and confidentiality.

The aim is to find common ground where the two groups can work together on projects such as developing privacy tools that journalists can use to protect sources.

Highlights of the Symposium include:

·       A discussion with Julian Assange about what the surprising ruling of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention means for him and what the consequences will be.

·       The launch of Subgraph OS a new, heavyweight privacy tool for journalists.

·       Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh discussing his latest revelations about Syria.

·       One of Africa's most secretive investigative journalists Anas Aremeyaw Anas revealing how he gains access to criminal organisations.

·       Eyal Weizman, professor at Goldsmiths University in London demonstrating his revolutionary new computing tool that is transforming investigations.

Background to the Event
Some of the most dangerous threats to the press and to freedom of speech are the massive and growing corporate and government surveillance - which increasingly mean that news sources are frightened to talk with reporters.

The Logan CIJ Symposium brings together journalists and hacktivists – who offer some of the strongest protection to a free press – to ensure the rights of private citizens to speak without fear to the press. The Symposium addresses an audience of concerned citizens, media and press, activists, researchers, editors, hacktivists, technologists, security professionals, whistleblowers and students.


For Editors
Some of our speakers will be available for interviews prior to the event and at the event itself.

Contact Details
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The Reva and David Logan Foundation
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