Thavron CEO Hosts Guidewell Director of IT Business Management Office in Fireside Chat

Ginger Allen, Guidewell's director of its IT business management office, joined Thavron CEO Nan Braun on stage at the Financial World of Information Technology to discuss ITFM automation system implementation experiences.

Ginger Allen and Nan Braun

Thavron Solutions CEO, Nan Braun, hosted Ginger Allen, director of the IT business management office, on stage at the Financial World of Information Technology today, as Ms. Allen shared with the conference attendees her experiences and lessons learned during the implementation of an IT financial management automation system.

"It was an honor to be the person asking questions today and help the attendees get a peer practitioner view of the process and not just a vendor's view," said Ms. Braun. "Conferences like this one are an amazing opportunity for professional peers to connect and learn from each other, and I was happy to be able to facilitate it." Attendees of the session got first-hand insights into critical stakeholders, alliances, data handling, and staffing expectations. Ms. Allen helped attendees with questions about their own implementation planning in a Q&A session, following the fireside chat session.

Source: Thavron Solutions